Sunday, June 20, 2010


It was Hot as Hell at the beach, Coney Island, but we had a swell time anyway. Above, and below are a few snaps from the "Sydneyland" class trip to Coney Island on Saturday.

My dear pals Mr., and Mrs. Satan were there as was Nurse Pickles. The sweetheart just insists on keeping me alive,..go figure. Also not seen is our pal Ken a famous comix book artist.

We didn't do any of the rides. There was maybe a million folks running around loose, and most of them were clogging up the exhibits. A 90 minute waiting time for each thrilling ride,...bleep that.

We had a swell time anyway. The only downer is that I over did it, and got sunstroke or something like it. I kept meaning to go further down the Broadwalk, and get a straw hat.

...bit didn't.

So hanging out in direct sunlight while the summer solstice is only hours away was perhaps a tad unwise. Hey, not a problem I said. Wrong. Nurse Pickles insisted I use her parasol, but naw! I was a tuff guy!

I got nicely burnt up.

At about 5:30 I began to zone out, and get cranky like all the little kiddies. You take kids out, and they're fried by four or five, and start wetting them selves, and crying.

I was no different.

So I had to bid my comrades so long, and head home. Wow I fell asleep as soon as I got on the beloved "N" Train. I came too just before Pacific street,..a good thing since that's my stop.

So me, and my pals will do it again on my birthday. This time I'll finally ride the Cyclone, the that demented 100 foot off the ground hanging by a thin wire ride.

I'm told I shouldn't eat till 'after' I come down.

Stay tuned.

Btw, that red electric truck below was the emergency toilet paper van. It got a round of applause when it pulled up! Also there a couple of videos at the bottom of this post. ..sorry no naked people this year.

(Click on all the snaps above'n below for better views.)


Anonymous said...

Pray tell when is thy birthday, Sid???

Zaek said...

Glad you survived the mayhem. Hopefully it'll be less crowded on your birthday. Maybe with the proper invocation only cute boys will show up, and your friends and you.

Is your pal Satan the comix book artist?

Lino said...

That last still..Fass? :-)

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi gang.

My birthday is in a few weeks. July 9th. I 'll trying swinging from a wire 100 feet in the air then.

Although this time I'll wear a hat. Sun stroke is a pain.

Yeah it'll be less crowded by then I hope. If the numbers are under 100,000 we'll be alright.

As for lovely youth,..ahem. I did see a few likely lads at that. However I have this problem with orange jumpsuits so I'll jump into the cold ocean, and think of England.

...which is odd 'cause I'm not English.

Nope not dear Bob Fass. It's good old Max! Bob doesn't do beaches anymore.:-)