Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Ride'n da Rails"

While roaming the city this afternoon I saw the Transit cops taking down a kid for fare beating. Okay he wasn't a choirboy, but then again he wasn't Dillinger either. He was screaming, and cussing the cops, and the cops was cussing him.

Well one cop was. A very pissed off lady cop. In fact I thought it was a gang fight till I saw it was just these two going at it verbally.

Aw crap things are getting worse around here.

This country is going south fast. Like I said a while ago the heat is busting folks for little stuff. Sneaking onto trains, shoplifting, and our old favorite stealing food from super markets. Heck I can remember when it used to be money.

I dunno maybe it's the heat'n humidity. It's been hot, and sticky in the Emerald City for a while here. On the other hand I also saw a skunk, and a chicken playing jazz at the next station.

I think I see why folks from other countries are so attracted to this place. America is still the Greatest Show on Earth.

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Zaek said...

What starts in NYC may well spread here. Stealing food for his starving family is what made Jean Valjean one of Les Misérables.

Those musicians are brave souls. Joshua Bell tried playing the subway anonymously a few years ago - arguably the best violinist in the world, but for Perlman - and everybody completely ignored him.

Glad I don't have to wear a chicken suit in the humid heat.