Friday, June 25, 2010


If you click on these snaps I took,..and then click again you'll see gargoyles. There are a number of buildings large'n small around town with this guys perched on them. The above is near Wall Street.

If you enlarge it, and look closely you'll see dragon heads around the roof. These may have been water spouts for rain run off originally. Unfortunately nothing comes out now.

I waited for a good rain storm to get video of the spout goin'n to town gushing rain. No dice. I guess building management thought it might be an insurance nightmare.

So what it would look great!


Anonymous said...

Both buildings look good.

Still I am with Prince Charles on architecture.

Modernism is O.K. in the right setting, e.g. Canary Wharf.

Anonymous said...

I remember he described a "modern" building project as looking like a pile of elephant droppings.

He was right.

Zaek said...

I loathe modernism. The only moderns I can stand are F.L. Wright, because he was a genius designer, and Bucky Fuller, because his work has a visionary gleam. As for all that soulless glass, chrome and concrete stuff by I.M. Pei and Philip Johnson and Le Corbu, and their followers in Brutalism: there isn't enough Prozac in the world to make me feel good about being in their buildings, or around them. All these fabulous gargoyles should be busy puking water on those kinds of buildings.

Architects need to flush that putrid modernist ideology and get back to exercising some basic esthetics, and make some buildings people actually like to be in.