Friday, June 18, 2010


"Your Sugar Smacks or your Life!"

Interesting iconography here. Death, and a fiery death at that as a humorous advert ploy. I was surfing various retro sites, and wondering at the common images of yesteryear. So many used danger, and death as lures to buy their products.

I love a man in uniform. Anyway there's Spock in the sweetened breakfast food section. A pile of smoking charred bones at his feet. He's just vaporized a bunch'a shoppers that weren't interested in Sugar Smacks.

This 'is' the logical conclusion of the box art above.

Back during the crack wars I saw a subway poster for Nike sneakers that was directed at teens. It showed a scary, at least to white people, Black kid in gang colors,...wearing insanely expensive Nikes.

The legend beneath said,..."What are you Looking at?"

The implications were clear. Selling sneakers via the 1990's notion of the romance of armed robbery, and possible urban murder.

White kids love this sort of thing. Still do. Most rap music is mostly bought by white kiddies. Bless their oblivious hearts. For them the danger is remote, and so entertaining.

I really wanted one of these, but my mom knew better.

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