Friday, July 30, 2010

"Spinning Out!"

That's the game comrades. I'm "Spinning Out", in drug withdrawal. Legal withdrawal. My Effexsor prescription ran out. That's my nut house drug. My pharmacy can't find my witch doctor to refill the damned thing.

No return call from his office for over a week.

He's probably on vacation in the south of France with all the loot he got from his 'never going to have' National Health clients.

Note I say "clients" not patients.

Anyway I've got what they playfully call the "brain shivers". Literally your brain stem trembles. Shit, even kicking cocaine wasn't this awful.

Electric dreams, voices, fuzzy perceptions, bright light blindness, and gross confusion.

I couldn't find my way home this morning.

Btw the last time I couldn't find my way home was in 1955. I was five years old.

We'd just moved into the now "Old Family House". These were cute turn of the 20th century Brooklyn brownstone family houses which were identical. Blocks of'em.

Anyway jump ahead to 2010, and my landlord noticed me standing on the corner sweating like crazy, and not looking well. He walked me back to my digs. Like I say I have the 'only' sane, and humane landlord in the City.

As for my doctor who is the cause of all this. I'm told I have a case, and can sue that irresponsible jerk for letting this happen. I'd love to sue the thoughtless bastard, but I'd settle for just getting my meds back.

They actually help. They allow me to live my life, opposed to taking it.

The folks downtown at my pharmacy are very sympathetic, but can't help. I asked them to just "process the damned thing", but they said that would be a "felony for the both of us".

The War on Drugs, and all.

Apparently Effexsor is a DEA controlled substance.

On the upside I'm told I won't die, however I'm in for a "hell of a ride". 'Least till they can get hold of Doctor "Screw you I already have your money so why should I help you?"

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Zaek said...

Damn! Sorry to hear that amoral bastard and the War On Drug Sanity are causing you to undergo this, Sidney. I hope you can get the needed pharmaceutical relief in short order.