Friday, July 30, 2010

"Congressman Weiner Kicks Ass"

Republicans defeated a bill to provide health care to 9/11 first responders. These Hero's have been abandoned, and are on their own.

Many over the years have died because of untreated injuries, and toxic poisoning.

These heartless people, Republican politicians, also refused to allow the extension of unemployment coverage for the millions that are now jobless because of the years of republican party mismanagement.

Congressman Anthony Weiner, Democrat/NY stood up to these people at the Capital.

Congressman Tony Weiner defends the aid bill to 9/11 rescue workers. Rescue workers that the Republican are determined to block from medical aid.

They especially want to deny anything, "not one aspirin",..quote on their website, to any illegal, "undocumented", immigrants that were injured while rescuing 9/11 victims.

Yeah this all sounds seriously biased from me.

It is.

Read my masthead.

These so-called conservatives are point blank heartless people. Their values are a mystery to me. I say "so-called" because true Conservatives would never be so destructively short sighted or ungrateful to these 9/11 Hero's.


John said...

Not about this post but before where your out of meds ? Can`t you go to a
ER ? Take your old bottle
and tell`m ? Yes I know pain in the ass but better
then getting lost in the Big City !
I`m sure you thought about this but just hadda toes it
out there !
Good luck, John

Zaek said...

Good on congressman Weiner. It's with ample reason that the Republicans have been called the Party of Cruelty.

Anonymous said...

This does simply begger belief and all for a piss pot of money as well.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi John.

Yes of course I considered the ER route. However as we both know, at least in this country that would be a waste of time, and possibly legally dangerous.

The default position for all social service outlets in the former United States of America is,..."Give Nothing".

...and that's exactly what I'd get.

It just isn't worth a trip on 102f street to be told to "fuck off".

I have to quietly ride the rapids till this is resolved.

Thanks for the concern though.

Uncle 2012 said...

As for our Republican friends. On their heads be these sins.

They better hope there's no old testament gawd out there waiting to judge them.

Indeed we all better hope that.