Sunday, July 25, 2010


As you know the northern hemisphere is going through a killer heatwave. Russia, and India are especially hard hit. It's hot as hell around here too. Btw has there ever been a hemispheric heatwave before?

This can't be good. It's a tad scary too. We're in the middle of yet another declared "Heat Emergency". Locally 'Jersey, and NYC are toast. The whole eastern corridor in fact.

One of the tv news zombies said parts of the metro region will have the equivalent of 110f to 115f. This when the humidity, and the assorted poisons in the air are factored in.


Sure my kitchen thermometer 'only' reads 101, and the official number is 98f still this shit's Hot.

Did I mention the subways. It was 121 on the 14th street platform, but then it's always 20 degrees hotter down there in the summer. 20 degrees colder in winter too.

Anyway I've never experienced heat of this extreme,..115 wow! So I decided to experiment. Could I make it to the laundry, the supermarket, and the post office,...and back without dying?

Hey it's a tuff town, and it calls for tuff people!

Well,..I got as far as the corner, and said "fuck this!", and went back to my refrigerated thermal shelter. What the hell was I thinking?! I must have been out of my mind!

I could'a bleeping died out there.

Take a tip from an over heated comrade. Stay inside till this stuff blows over,..if it ever does. I suggest ice tea or limeade with crushed ice, and perhaps some "Twilight Zone" dvds to pass the time.

Look in on your older pals, and family, and make sure the kids, and pets drink plenty of water. Put ice cubes in the doggie's bowl,..your kiddie's bowl too. They'll be glad ya did.

Hang in there.


Zaek said...

A month of relentless heat - that sucks! I loathe heat waves. They make me wilt like an unwatered hydrangea.

You're gonna hate me for saying this, but it's been quite cool and pleasant in my neck of the woods. Don't worry though, we usually get our hot weather in September/October, so there's still time for thermal suffering here.

Stay cool! And remember what I said about cool baths should the air conditioning fail. Which I hope it won't.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Zaek, glad your end of the forest is chilling!

Although my A.C. is gleefully chugging away. I'm already doing the cool shower thing regularly.

I'm lemony fresh all the time!

Actually this thing is scary. I'm often sick'n yucky because of the ozone, and the pressure.

That, and you literally can't go out. It just too damned dangerous.

I put off shopping, and paying bills because of the extreme heat out there,'s not a joke comrades.

Please be careful!

"It's a Heatwave, and I'll whine if I want too!"

"Whine if I want too"

"You'd whine too if it happened to you,...."