Monday, July 5, 2010

"Here We Go Again!"

Well the Emerald City is getting ready for another brush with fire. A conga line of heatwaves is on the way.

So remember to drink plenty of liquids. Try to stay out of direct sunlight. As always look in on your older pals, and the kiddies.

Put ice cubes in your pets water bowls.

They really like that. In fact put some in yours as well. Also lay off rough sex, fist fights, and pouring cement till it gets cooler.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

My God Sidney....all this and Busby Berkeley too.....Your eye and ear are spot on, and your love of popular culture and its history...WOW!!!!

There is never a dull moment here...sometimes you bring great joy, sometimes what you post enrages me, sometimes I get puzzled, but am always challenged.

For a decrepit old fart you do a helluva job, and from one decrepit old fart to another, keep right on trucking.

Mr. Chips

Will said...

I am doing my best to understand the debate that is going on around Christopher Hitchens: The recent disclosure that he is dying of cancer. I think there is a story inside the stories I have linked for you below.

The Two Christophers by David Horowitz a man who once told me he would immediately crush anything he saw that I wrote.

Death Comes To The Arch-Trotskyite by David Ehrenstein an online friend who participates on Dennis Cooper's Blog. Ehrenstein works in L.A.: Movie reviewer for the LA Times, covering Hollywood. He has been in all the closets. A great old queer.

I think in these stories might be leads to what happened to the boylovers in the gay movement … the gay movement they began before Stonewall.
Just thought you and hopefully others might have some thoughts.