Friday, July 30, 2010

"Take us In",..pleeeze!

Maybe things would be better for us if we asked the Queen, and Prime Minister David Cameron to take us back in. Under the parliamentary system the the Republican Tea Party, the Brooklyn Maoist League, and all of the other demented U.S. culture war groups would have back bench seats so we could keep an eye on them.

We'd finally have National Health, better tv shows, cooler weather, and no one would hate our guts as much.

So perhaps we should try this out for a few years, and see how it shakes out. A fish'n chips shop, and some Indo/Pak curry joints on the block would be handy.

Okay maybe that withdrawal thing is clouding things for me a bit, but I kinda like the idea.

On the other hand the Brits might not like an additional 30 million Irish descended subjects suddenly hanging around giving them the finger.

On the up side they wouldn't need passports to go to Disneyland or Vegas anymore. Also British food would vastly improve with all The Tex-Mex, Cajun, and Louisiana cook'n added to the mix. ...did I mention the Coney Island Hot Dawgs?

Stay tuned.

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