Friday, July 2, 2010

"And G-d Made Great Whales"

We've had a string of beautiful days in the Emerald City. That being so I went to the park. I was sitting on a bench, and happened to look up. A whale. A pink fluffy sky whale was floating by

I took this as a sign.

Well okay I takes alot of stuff as signs. I mean I think I saw the Virgin Mary in the french fries I had the other day.

Anyway I think G-d was talking to us again. "Leave my damned Whales alone!" We've all seen the video of them whales, fishies, dolphins, birds, and mermaids drowning in prime crude. Upper Management is 'not' happy with this.

Still it was a pretty cloud/whale, and a nice end to a swell day. Btw my finger is all healed. Amazing, a whole new finger nail grew back. Ain't nature grand?

Stay Tuned.

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