Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Birthday Boy"

Like Hagrid once told Harry Potter, " ain't every day a lad turns eleven!" True. That goes a zillion fold for turning Sixty,..which I just did. So far so good I ain't tuned into a Republican yet.

Mostly I've been going about my usual business. Well that, and sitting around remembering stuff. There's some I wish I couldn't recall, and others I wish I had better detail on.

Not much RAM left in the system. Things keep falling out of my head,..besides my teeth I mean.

I keep coming across stuff, and saying, "...oh yeah I 'used' to remember that."


On the up side most vital systems are still happily grinding away so I'm open for business.

I feel neat too.

Over thirty folks on my Facebook page said hello'n Happy Birthday. Same at the job. Got shout outs on the air from a bunch of shows,..even ones I don't listen to.

Mostly I miss family, and dear pals that up'n went to Heaven. Just like that, didn't even have time to say goodbye right. I also 'really' miss the United States of America. The real one not this ruined, betrayed, robbed, and rusted shell.

My 'real' party is next week what'll happen then I can't imagine. If I live through I'll tell the story.

Stay Tuned.

(A Seriously Disturbed, and Obscene Parody,...Enjoy!)


Zaek said...

I miss the USA too. My favorite America was the one that existed from about 1967 through 1972. That America was going to become a wonderful place. Then we took a turn toward the shit can and never came back...

Um, I think I prefer Jim Henson's version. Muppet Mobsters just isn't cuddly. But then, even in the land of children's lit it's a bunny-eat-bunny world.

I hope you have a great party. Eat lotsa cake, and have a beer for me!

Josh said...

H├Ąppy Birthday Sid, hope to see you around another 60 years (you never know, you might have all sorts of cool tech implants by then ;p)

Bodmin said...

S'pose the host's birthday posting is not really the right place for this, but to note the passing of Tuli Kupferberg, of the Fugs, the Pentagon levitation, one of the authors published by Bashlow and Breen at the O. Layton press, and just about the last of the great counter-cultural giants, still kicking ass to the age of 86.
"Liberty Not War"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sydney.

I hope the penis fairy bought you all you could desire.

Lino said...

Well Uncle, in spite of your best efforts you are still kickin'.

If even half of what you have recounted is are of tough stuff.

This was sent from Thai friends, it's a little over-sweet but ....

My best wishes to you.