Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Bat Woman Takes Down Bruce!"

Bat Woman founder of the "Peoples Revolutionary League of Secular Humanist Action Figures", and part time Girls Academy gym teacher K.O.'ed Bruce Wayne!

Bruce Wayne, aka the so-called Batman. Is a well known violent vigilante, probable mass murderer , enemy of civil liberties, due process of law, repressed sado-masochist necrophiliac, and patent thief.

Further, he is guilty of multiple breakings, and enterings, and is suspected of being a Republican. This gross fiend, this complete butt hole, this unrepentant arrogant enemy of the People, and their rightly appointed Commissars was at last brought down by our Hero.


All Hail the Revolutionary Mistress of the Nights!

Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

Where's the Boy Blunder in his red trunks ?

He's got a lot to answer for !

Uncle 2012 said...

He'll be in the next episode. I'll post that late tonight sometime.

Stay Tuned!

Anonymous said...

I knew that was wrong when I wrote it but instead of checking I convinced myself I was right.

I'm too fucking old and know that I'm not infallible anymore so I should know better.

Anonymous said...

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