Friday, July 30, 2010


I was doing some light reading about all the zillions of conspiracies out there. Ya know the Navy blasting the planet with microwaves, 9/11 bullshit, the Masons, space aliens, covert Jew hate, Big Foot, and everything else.

Actually Covert Jew hate is sadly too real.

It's called anti-zionism. This new kind of Jew hate hides behind outrage that even I feel about the awful things the Israeli rightwing governments do. Hating Jews for killing Santa or jesus or whoever don't wash anymore so now they have this,...and 'it' works fine.

Anyway my point is trust is dead.

So everybody is scrambling around for some kind of truth. 'Any' kind of truth, and they've come up with some seriously deranged stuff.

Odds are we both believe in some of it. This disparate, and unofficial truth. Sure I sort'a believe in that space alien/spaceship thing. 'Think I saw one when I was 14, but I also believe in the free lunch., 'never' saw one'a them.

Anyhow neither of these swell things is likely to show up at my front door anytime soon so I'm not worried about'em much.

The 9/11 stuff is a generational thing. Folks under 30 or so believe in it. In fact it's kind of a religious thing with them. The rest of us that have seen a few historic cycles roll by feel otherwise.

We've by just managing to stay alive have a kind of wisdom an understanding of how things 'really' work. That makes us somewhat, not altogether, but a bit immune to the various ideological, and or religious fads that go around.

I guess the point of this babble is that I'm troubled at all these less than sane versions of reality running around.

I especially am freaked out by the general rejection of the western rational, scientific tradition. The what seems to be a general embrace of a technological age form of superstition.

What's laughable bullshit to us is life, and death reality to the kids. This ain't goldfish swallowing, zoot suits or be-in's. Fun though that stuff was for the kiddies of the past. It wasn't a threat to rational thought.

So if there's any kids or young adults in your life tell them about the scientific method,..and the long hard road to it's discovery.

Explain the periodic table to them. Tell them who Kepler, Newton, Curie, Darwin, and Einstein were, and what they was up to. Tell them yeah we really went to the moon, and that it was the dream of millenniums to get there!

...and we frigg'n did.

Tell them they don't need cults or made up bullshit to fill their lives with. They've already got 2000 years of accumulated verifiable scientific knowledge to work with. It might come in handy if they want to clean up the planet.


Zaek said...

Not only is there plenty covert Jew hating, but the overt kind is very much in evidence, certainly on the internet at any rate.

Yes, we are genuinely in danger of losing the scientific method. I've heard that many school districts have dropped science altogether. I feel very lucky to have gotten a decent public education while such a thing was still available, and to have learned the rudiments of evolutionary theory - among other things - before there were too many dingbats running around trying to suppress it.

I'm also disturbed by historical revisionist urban legends such as the one that maintains the USA never really went to the Moon. Plenty of people apparently believe this, and seem eager to believe it, just as many Jew-haters are eager to believe the Holocaust never happened. I wonder whether posterity will even have firm knowledge of the truth, so many are the lies and bullshit going around these days, even while those of us who can actually remember the Moon launch are still around. What documentary evidence will be left them?

Lino said...

...And tell them they don't's the gateway drug to all of this.