Friday, July 9, 2010

"In Other News"

San Francisco's Commission of Animal Control and Welfare plans to make it illegal to buy pets in that city. Eh, except for fish, can still have a fish. Seems this most politically correct of all U.S. city's don't like cats or dogs.

Their point is that people are generally stupid,..gotta agree there, and don't think through buying a pet. Christ's sakes ya has to feed'em, walk'em, take them to the vet all the tiresome noise.

So in the end most people just dumps their fur balls on the street. The then city has to gas'em.

Tuff luck for mittens.

Fish on the other hand just get flushed down the crapper. Some I hear try this with dogs'n cats, but this usually leads to plumbing emergencies.

Okay I see their reasons for the ban, but it evades the issue of a massively stupid populace. Gimme a break! Time was when your average jerk knew how to take care of a pet.

Now they're too stupid.

No wonder the Chinese, and Arabs own our balls.

"Nice Doggie..."


Zaek said...

SF was the first city in the nation if not the world to institute the now widespread "pooper scooper" law requiring dog owners to pick up their pets' poop. Who was the champion of this sterling piece of legislation? Harvey Milk. It's the only law he ever got passed.

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