Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Sun, and Stone"

Hi gang, hope you're all well. Me I'm just hibernating in front of my air conditioner till the end of this fiery summer. It's the hottest July ever recorded so far. Temps in the high 90f's, and 100f's for about a month,...with grim humidity.

Did I mention the Ozone Alerts?

There's one going on now till Tuesday evening. I guess we're not supposed to breathe till then.

Yep the oceans are warmer. So the winds have gone nuts which gives the planet generally harsher weather. Hotter summers, shorter springs, colder winters, and no fall.

No I won't post anymore pics of my dolls next to thermometers that read 100f. ...maybe.

Anyhow I'm being very domestic, and looking after my home, battling summer bugs, and hanging with pals. I may go to the beach Monday or so. I'll take pics.

A simple life, but a happy one,...kind'a

(Click to enlarge my snaps in the several above posts.)

Stay Tuned.

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