Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Burning Desire,..or is it Tires?"

Yep it's Hell on Urth! The signs are all there, so make mine a double.

"A gallon of fruit flavored shaved ice to go please!"

Okay so posting snap shots of Barbie next to my thermometer that seems to eternally read 100f is getting tired. Even though I was tempted to do it again. Hey you try being cool, and creative when it's 300f all day, everyday!

The androids, and zombies on tv say that with the high humidity the effective temperature is 105f,...has been for daze, and will continue as such forevermore or at least next week.

Everything is HOT!

The walls, the floors, tables, chairs, the windows are scalding to the touch! Fortunately I have two Big Ass air conditioners blasting away. (House Burning gifts from my sister when I moved into my beloved new digs,...thanks sweetie!)

They're not just cooling, but refrigerating most of my cute home.

My electric bill this month will be more that the Idaho State Debt, but so what I'll sell my porn collection, and pay it,..."Back Door Daddy" volumes one through fifty five!

Thank gawd for ebay!

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