Thursday, July 15, 2010

"A House Divded"

(Our Beloved Republic as the Angels see it.)

Just came across an interesting number. If all as in 'all', hidden, and official. If all the unemployed in the United States were lined up they'd stretch from Bangor in the state of Maine to Marin County in California,...and back.

"...and back."

One end of the above space map to the other, and back. Btw the Republican "Tea" Party continues to block the extension of unemployment benefits to these millions.

They say as I've already posted. They say that these millions of jobless people would just use the money to buy drugs, and booze. That, and it's "fiscally irresponsible."

I've been thinking, not unlike my rightist opposite numbers that it may be too late for any true cultural reconciliation in our country.

There are two nations here. One that favors unrestrained capitalism, and one that wants a form of social democracy.

"Jesusland vs the United States of America."

What to do?

We might follow the Canadian model as regards Quebec. We stay united as one country, but with different cultural regions. Regions that would have, and enforce different laws, and social customs.

If you're Queer, and go to Texas you're arrested then hanged. If you're a Klansman, and go to Vermont same deal, but you won't be hanged.

It's that or a flat out Carpet Bombing winner take all second Civil War.

I know which side I'll have to be on.

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