Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Sydneyland Newz, & Weather"

In the newz tonite,...California may finally legalize Dope later this year. If it does it'll be one of two states that has. Alaska said smoking dope was cool back in the 1980's somewhere.

The problem for the plutocrats that own California,..and everything else is that the hoped for tax monies may not be so deep. Seems if grass becomes legal the price will drop by a few thousand percent, and the tax base with it.

Gee cheap legal dope in America.

Probably just another way to numb us out while the Empire continues to evaporate. A doped nation is a happy, and easily led nation. I wonder if this has anything to do with the 3,000,000 families that have lost their homes so far this year.

(Reno Nevada Tent City Obamaville)

I expect FEMA to be handing out alot of free pizza, and dope in homeless tent cities for the next few years. Obamavilles from sea to doped out sea. This ain't exactly what I thought the Age of Aquarius would look like.

On the slightly up side. Cuba, that Stalinist relic 90 miles from our oily shores is letting some prisoners go. About 50 liberals, artists, and assorted political trouble makers. Ya know asking for basic civil liberties, that sort of trouble.

(To think I used to dig this deranged bastard.)

Anyway Spain has agreed to take these folks in. This includes some of the journalists that the Cuban secret police grabbed several years back. These cops was originally trained by the East German Stasi.

These Nazi bastards specialized in getting kids to turn their parents in. This is exactly what our heroic Cuban bastards had these writers kids do. Spy on'em then drop dimes.

My progressive pals are always 'stone silent' about shit like this. When I point out crap like this, and worse the come back with "Do you want Batista back?!"


Anyway this is a small crack in the ice. Raoul Castro is trying to humanize the revolution,...good luck. Raoul btw is on film executing a Batista soldier with a pistol. This is why I don't want any revolution. Too many folks get bullets in the back of their heads.

They die for nothing since the new boss is always the same as the old boss.

'...And in sports Spain wins.

Today's weather,...same as yesterday only Worse!

Thank you, and good night.

For the 3,000,000 newly Houseless.
"May Angels watch over thee in thy time of trial"

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Zaek said...

Great comic. I recognize the style, but don't recall the artist.

This shows how desperate the state is for funds. In some state parks it's dangerous to go in certain areas because Mexican cartels use them as pot farms tended by armed guards. The state can't afford to adequately police those areas, and people have been shot dead. Legalization should make that sort of thing a lot less profitable, which would be fine in my book. 'Course a lot of good ol' hippie growers in Humboldt county might lose money too.

Good for Spain. I've been kind of sour on them since I learned they're practically as bad to certain sexual minorities as the Land of the Free, but this gesture is a good one.

I've long since learned to distrust the left almost as much as I fear the right wingnuts in this country. Those passionately committed to some ideology or other make me nervous.

Stay cool! If your air conditioning should break down - which heaven forbid - remember that lots of long cool baths keep body temp down.