Friday, September 11, 2009

"You're Kidding..."

George Washington: "You're kidding right?"

Betsy Ross: "Well ya didn't give me much time, and you wasn't exactly specific. You was also drunk."

George Washington: "Gimme a break. The frigg'n Brits is kicking my ass into next tuesday."

"All I asks for is a new flag for this hot deal we're cook'n up with the Masons'n the Rothchilds."

"What do you hand me?!"

"A deranged nightmare of bleeding zebras, and Moorish stars?!"

Betsy Ross: "Take it or leave it pal. You can always go with what your slave rape'n buddy Jefferson wanted."

"A severed Indian head impaled on a pike. Or what that Franklyn pervert asked for."

"Samson butt fucking the Virgin Mary in Hell."

"Yeah that'll go over big"

Betsy's Daughter: "That or the weird shit 'you' wanted. A big eyeball on a field of snakes."

General Lafayette: "I'd go with the Zebra George."

(Entry #38 in the series, "The 'Real' Origins of the Empire.)


Zaek said...

Speaking of bad design, I just learned from BBC that there's been a major theft of Andy Warhol's work from a collector in L.A. Seeing as how you're such a big fan of modern art, I thought you'd be all broken up about this devastating loss to our cultural heritage. ;)

Uncle 2012 said...

Oh it's cool. They're not stolen. I just saw all his stuff at the supermarket.

Cans of beans, cleansers, and assorted cereal boxes.

Our 20th century artistic treasures are safe.

Here's my chance to buy all that cynical trash, and burn it!

Anonymous said...

well there was nothing wrong with the union jack. Until you lot had a little hissy fit over tax on tea and decided to go all bolshy on us ! In fact at the rate you are going I"am begining to wounder if the declaration of independence should not be repaled ! and Her Majesty"s tax collectors reassess you for 238 years of back taxs