Saturday, September 5, 2009

"No National Health for U.S."

Now comes our long winter of discontent.

At this point I'd support Obama's impeachment.

(Trinity Church this evening. I was restless, and wandering around town.)


Zaek said...

No substantive changes for the better have come from the US government since at least 1980, the year of Reagan's ascension to power. I don't expect any ever will, at any rate nothing bigger than a few little energy rebates or stingy student loans with ballooning interest rates and collection agents to back them.

The days of Roosevelt are long behind us, and corporations run everything now including the White House and US Congress. No important national problems, from energy policy to the economy, are being honestly faced at the executive level, nor will they be adequately dealt with.

The United States is becoming a country which primarily exports raw materials and imports manufactured goods. Notice who always gets the short end of that stick. It is the definition of a third world country.

Several people who often pass through my neighborhood apparently get by through digging into other people's trash. Could you have imagined this being widely practiced forty years ago? I certainly couldn't.

Anonymous said...

As a group, I find it very hard to feel sorry for Americans.

If you were willing to give up your cherished illusions which are destroying you it might be possible for you to make a life that is at least reasonable for some of you on an individual basis. But no. You look down your arrogant nose at everything outside your miserable sphere of experience and hence must suffer.

It's an old story.

Sidney is taking refuge in his spirits and fairies as others here look to a non-existent deity. It reads like a bad LSD trip. ROTFL

Uncle 2012 said...

What else can we do?

Although for a little while it did look hopeful. When we elected that guy the whole country was like Times Square on new years eve.

In fact much of the world celebrated too. We all thought here at last was a return to sanity for America.

Finally we'll be honest, and rational about ourselves, and our relationship with the rest of the world.

We forgot the old saying, "...if it looks too good to be true then it ain't.

So folks are looking to Jesus or faeries, porn, dope, guns, anything so we don't have to face that we're finished as a major nation.

No, 40 years ago I couldn't imagine that it would be normal to see people eating out of garbage cans, and living ragged on the street.

In any other country there'd have been a revolution years ago. Not here. We're too sedated, and stupid.

So who's next? Who gets to run the world next? India, China?

Americans will finally have to learn another language. This so they can speak to their new boss's.

Zaek said...

Nobody's asking for pity, Anonymous. You'd best bask in the cozy glow of schadenfreude while you can, because America's not the only country that will suffer from the decline of industrial civilization which has already begun. The inevitable depletion of fossil fuels is going to affect everyone. Nor do we have a monopoly on arrogance. As I recall, a century or so ago some imperial folks across the pond took a *very* superior attitude toward their coolies and other underlings around the globe, until they brought ruin upon themselves by starting some dumb wars they could easily have avoided had they chosen more wisely.

In fact what the USA is experiencing in Iraq and Afghanistan right now is eerily reminiscent of what happened with the British Empire in Baghdad 100 years ago, even down to the surnames of some of the major players. All such empires come home to roost, that being part of the price of complacency. I don't know if you're in Europe, but if so you'd best take care you don't find yourself living in the Islamic Republic of Europe.