Friday, September 18, 2009

"Out of the Mouths of Babes"

We're in a climate of Hate such as I have not seen since I was a lad back in the late 1950's, and 60's. It makes me heartsick to see the poison is still there, and as strong as ever.

You know I'm pissed at Obama for being a wuss. Not having the nuts to kick ass on the fanatics that have made a sick circus out of the Health Care issue. However there's something that's even worse boiling to the surface.

Good old fashion "Lets git us a Niggra" blood in the eye lynch mob mentalities loose once more. I actually thought we'd moved pass at least 'this' particular American tradition.

This sort of thing is cropping up in all of the states except for Hawaii, and oddly Maine. All the other states have had their incidents.

We are 'so' fucked up.

Children Chant,..."Assassinate Obama"

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Cannibal said...

Late Friday night, while sending along the link to this sorry YouTube clip, Rudy wrote to his friend Debbie "Keep saying there is no racism problem regarding him."

To Which his former friend Debby wrote back -

You guys always pull out the race card when you have no argument. It's a cheap ploy. You may have found a video of some stupid kids shouting about assassinating Obama. That doesn't prove that the over 1 million of us who went to Washington to protest the socialization of our country are racists. It's so ridiculous, it doesn't even merit a response. It's about socialism Rudy - Marxism. What is it you guys on the left don't get about that???? WE DO NOT WANT WHAT HE IS SELLING!!!!!! PERIOD!!!! Are there still some racists left in this country? No doubt, but by no means is this about his race. He was elected for godsake!!! He is trampling all over the Constitution, federalizing everything he can get his hands on, stabbing our eastern European allies in the back, apologizing for this country to third world dictators, making us less safe (just like that jerk and anti-semite Jimmah Carter did), and undermining democracy in Latin America - siding with a would-be dictator over the democratically-elected president of that country, acting like a king rather than a president, and lecturing us about sacrificing. Screw him!!!!! And this is the guy you think is great? Why is that???? I just don't get it - you guys who hate your country so much. I tell you, Rudy. If you don't want to read my tirades, you had better stop sending me this crap. I don't want it, it doesn't prove a thing to me. If there are race issues in this country it's because YOUR side is pushing it - Nancy Pelosi with her idiotic crocodile tears. Oh boo fucking hoo. Stop trying to destroy my country with your socialist experiments - just power grabs to keep the DemocRAT party in power forever. Obama IS ACORN. That's what the dem party has become.

So I'm begging you...if you want to keep this friendship PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE OF YOUR SOCIALIST BS - I DON'T HAVE TIME OR THE INCLINCATION TO READ IT. I know what your party is doing to this country - I can see it with my own eyes. I don't need the in the tank press to tell me what I think or see.