Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Sanctuary",...and fresh veggies

Last year I was homeless for nearly nine months. I like to call it "houseless". Anyway for three of those months I was living mostly on the street. Middle Class Homeless is not just a PBS special for me.

I was much more fortunate than most of my Brethren out there in that I still had my job, and some connections. Most on the street don't.

So I was blessed.

In fact classically blessed in that I was given refuge for a time within the community of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

I'm fine now, and writing a one man show about my experience,...blessed again. I'm healthy, and sane. Not all come out the other end of this like that.

Anyway I took digital photos of my adventures during that time. There's some here in this blog's archive, and some in the "Sidneyhause" link.

These above are of my Cathedral days, and also some nice snaps of the fruit stand around the corner, and across the street.

(Click on all images for better viewing.)


Zaek said...

Nice rose window. I love Gothic design, especially late Gothic. It's good they offered sanctuary there, at least for a time.

Zaek said...

I once slept in the nave of a cathedral. Really slept I mean, overnight, on the floor, right in front of the altar, as one of a group who were doing this as a kind of experiment. This was arranged for us by a teacher who had connections.

Uncle 2012 said...

I slept in a Cathedral as well though without connections. Cathedrals have a tradition of alms to those in need.

It's an ancient, and holy custom. However I never thought I'd ever actually be on the receiving end.

Yes, I was very blessed in those days.