Sunday, September 27, 2009


I kind'a like the two snaps of myself above. It shows that the Meds are working. My don't I look peaceful, and sedated? Well that, and building, and or collecting model aircraft again.

I really should get to work on them ship models I have put away, with assorted other relics of my former worlds. Signs, signs of life, feeble though they are seem to be returning.


I've been doing more tinkering on my little home. More silicon pasting in this or that crack or gap. My plan is for when the Emergency med teams shows up to scrape me off the floor, and stuff me into the meat wagon. When they shows up they at once say, "...Wow! What a tidy flat."

They'll then roll me into a plastic bag, and drive me to one of them Mob black market organ banks. My liver, eyeballs, and various naughty bit will live again.

Where was I?

Right, that bastard Obama has conned us big time. Comrades remember why we elected him?! 'End them pointless wars, and get us some National Health,...among other civilized goodies most western countries have had for over half a century.

So now I understands that we have to 'buy' some sort of useless insurance that we couldn't afford in the first place. If we don't we'll all be fined $10,000 or something insane like that.

So after all this static, and noise we still can't afford insurance, but now we're in debt to the Feds for K-Bucks! Somehow I don't feel better off.

Btw we're still at war, and it's going to get worse.

You bet I'm sedated.


Zaek said...

Yeah, I'm pissed about that medical thing too. Mandatory private insurance is going to be murder on people like me - viz., the sporadically self-employed and frequently broke. What a betrayal of everything public medical coverage is supposed to be. What a vicious farce!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Thanks for the slice. -Jayne

Anonymous said... did a great job assembling and painting those model planes. I would love to see your collection some day-of model planes, that is!!!


Lino said...

If you are in Ny CIty/State...sign up for Health Plus or Healthy New York.

These are low cost/free insurance subsidized by the State.

There are certain income and asset requirements that I unfortunately can not meet (too much in the bank) but I have turned several on to these prog's and it has worked for them.

As an alternative, the City's public hospitals (Bellvue, etc) offer free care and a card for those of low income. Again, you have to apply in-person but several of me Mexican restaurant workers friends and a couple of American girls working as wait staff have said that it is easy to apply...the hardest part was a long wait to see the person who signed them up.