Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"9/11 Lights"

Well I was wandering around downtown when I ran into Alexander Hamilton. Yeah 'him' that Federalist Papers guy. This is what I likes about this town ya never know who you'll bump into on a dark side street.

Mr. Hamilton was apparently still dead, but I was pleased to meet him anyway. The photo is kinda dark, and I didn't use a flash. Maybe I'll take another shot at him, like a certain Mr. Burr in day light. Click on our hero for a better look.

Anyway they turned the "Lights" on this evening. In fact I noticed from my bedroom window a few days ago that they were testing them. Besides everything else I seem to have line of sight of downtown.

If the towers were still there they'd be a bright beacon indeed or so my new neighbors tell me.

Even with all that I forgot that tonight was 'the' night. I was headed for the subway, and happened to look up, and there they was. Heck I was tired'n hot I almost said "Fuck'it I take snaps next year."

This because by next year there 'still' won't be anything built in Ground Zero so the lights will be back for sure. Well I stayed, and took snaps aways, and here they are. Click on'em to enlarge.


Divine Revelation said...

MEXICO CITY – A Bolivian religious man briefly hijacked a jetliner from the beach resort of Cancun as it landed in Mexico City on Wednesday, police said. All passengers and the crew were released unharmed.

The Bible-carrying hijacker used a juice can he said was a bomb to hold the 103 passengers and crew on the tarmac for more than an hour.

Masked police stormed the aircraft with guns drawn and escorted several handcuffed men away without firing a shot. Police later said there was only one hijacker, and the other men aboard were detained because the suspect had told a flight attendant he had three accomplices. The others were quickly released.

Jose Flores, 44, later told police his three companions were "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost."

Flores hijacked Aeromexico Flight 576 after a divine revelation, according to Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna. Flores said Wednesday's date — 9-9-09 — is the satanic number 666 turned upside down.

Uncle 2012 said...

Yeah, and "Son of Sam" said his dog told him to kill all them ladies.

My dog never told me anything.

Not even a "Thank You" for shoveling his shit out of the yard or putting ice in his bowl in the summer.

So if that ungrateful mutt ever told me to do something I'd have told him to go fuck'em self!

...which come to think of it he could do,..sort'a. You know how dogs are.

As for jesus. He never told me bleep.

On the other hand I've had a few encounters with his Angels, and his Mom.

Hey life is weird.