Friday, September 11, 2009

"You Lie!"

Well there's America. I'd recognize the old gal anywhere. Confused, angry, and with bad manners. Still like them relatives you never want to see we're stuck with her.

I can hardly wait to see what she does next.


Vote for Rev, Lyons said...

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A preacher who went to prison for stealing millions of dollars from the National Baptist Convention USA has lost an election to lead the group again.

Delegates at the convention's annual meeting in Memphis voted 4,108 to 924 on Thursday for the Rev. Julius R. Scruggs to be president over the Rev. Henry Lyons.

Lyons tried suing to stall the election. He was forced out as president in 1999 after an investigation revealed he abused his power and stole about $4 million from the denomination.

He used the money to buy luxury homes and jewelry and support his mistresses. Lyons was eventually convicted and served almost five years in prison.

Uncle 2012 said...

Temptation of worldly goods has been the down fall of many a man.

His problem was he flashed the cash, and got caught. ...the jerk.

Hell didn't he ever hear of offshore accounts or lying low for a spell.

Right a preacher with a salary of maybe 40/50k suddenly live'n like a zillionare.

Yeah right nobody will notice this.

What a moron, nothing worse than a stupid crook.

However the Lawd forgives all.

Up there is heaven Hitler, your 6th grade teacher, and the bastard that invented income tax are sit'n pretty.

They're hanging around their golden villas drinking booze, snorting coke, and getting blow jobs from 12 year old Angels.

Funny how all this works out.

Zaek said...

What astounds me is that he had the gall to run for election again after such a history. And what about the 924 parishioners who voted for him - what were they thinking? That they couldn't wait to hand him the cookie jar again?

Um... if I go to heaven will I get those kind of blow jobs too?

Uncle 2012 said...

Of course my son!

Heavenly Angels are adept in all modes of human pleasure.

Just as the Demons of Hades know what to do with a red hot barbed dildo. be a 'good' lad.