Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday I had a series of short though related dreams. If I were a film maker, and had several tens of millions of dollars I might have a cult hit on my hands.


I'll just tell you that in one of the shifting morphing dreams Hell befell the earth. Much as some christian folks say will happen after the Rapture reaps all of the chosen to Jesus, and leaves the rest of us to our grim fate.

Well I was left behind, surprise there.

In this dream all the world was fearful, anxious as to what may be coming. I wandered about a forsaken New York. It's streets lit dim in soft amber, and red.

The sky was empty as all the stars had been extinguished by the hand of g-d.

Then it came.

Satan's trumpets screamed overhead, and his vengeful pain wraiths dug deep into we the damned.

They fell on us like a wall a thousand miles high, and moving faster than any could flee.

There was no escape as Hell enveloped us. Suddenly all was changed. Horribly, Hellishly changed!

Everyone, and everything had transformed into a grotesque, insane, vicious version of itself.

There was universal chaos, and a feeling of despair that had the weight of eternity about it.

I'll leave the particular details of this vision to your imagination.

Here's where I surprised myself or at least I was surprised when I woke up.

I invoked the name of G-d.

I did this over, and over like a mantra. "In the Name of G-d I defy you, and renounce you!"

Think of the special effects.

I a non-believer,...well mostly so, fought the Prince of Darkness, the Father of Lies with a Sunday School rant.

...and it worked.

Hell's claim on the earth was broken, and the evil magic that gripped us was dispelled. All was as it had been.

I looked up, and the chalice of the sky was once more full of stars.

Wow, I dream or what?

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