Friday, September 25, 2009

"Another Brooklyn Morning"

(Click on all snaps above, and below for a swell eyeful!)

I got up at 3 this morning was restless so went out. Though on "vacation" I dropped by where I've worked for decades to see what was up. You should know that that place is not a job, but a way of life. You understand how it is.

Anyway my pal up there Ibrahim Gonzolas was on the air doing his overnight program. It's called "In the Moment",...cute huh? He reads chapters of books, takes calls all that. Hey this is a literate town. Folks call up to chat about the book of the night, and the usual mayhem of the city.

Ibrahim is also a musician, and often has live bands up. Eh, which is fun unless you have to engineer them. I don't know why, but musician are a pain in the butt. They're always coming into my control room to bother me about this or that tweaking of their stuff.

What's really going on is that they're getting a free demo disc out of their appearance, and they want me to customize it for them,...for free. I've told more than one of these characters that if they want to pay me $300 bucks an hour, one of the going rates, I'd be happy to give them a pro-disc otherwise bleep off I'm working.

I used to be nicer when I was younger. However I got tired of being treated as a mark. Again you know how that is.

Anyway at sun up Ibrahim'n me went to the pier just outside our station, and watched the sun come up over Brooklyn. Eh that's what's left of me in the 'Bai t-shirt.

Above are some snaps from this morning of our beloved bridge that connects us to the land of Walt Whitman. Well to the building that used to be the "Brooklyn Eagle" where he worked.

They gave him the sack because he was a radical abolitionist,...he thought slavery was a bad idea, imagine. It's still there, the Eagle building, on the Bklyn side of the bridge.

So btw is the house Uncle Walt lived in for a while.

It's not far from the ferry landing under what later became the Brooklyn Bridge. Btw that ferry landing was closed for about 70 or so years till 9/11 when it was opened to get folks the hell off of Manhattan Island which was under attack by Islamic nutjobs.

This as opposed to the CIA, the Vatican or the Knights Templar. Bush, Cheney is somewhere in that mix. I could certainly see Cheney doing it, but Bush? Gimme a Break!

The only conspiracies I buy are the ones that say that Big Oil, and the Mafia killed both Kennedy's. That, and the Mob, and the Church are the reason that the 2nd Avenue subway hasn't been finish in nearly a century.

It was started in the 1920's,...over eighty years ago. They now say it may open sometime in the 2030's. That would make 110 years. That's just about how long it will take to put up the Ground Zero memorials, and new towers.

Again the Mob, and the Church,...but that's just my theory on 'these' obvious inside jobs.

Almost forgot. The cabbie, the last shot above. I was taking pictures under the bridge, and he asked me what the bleep I was up too. I told him I was working on my blog, and asked if he wanted to be in it.

He said no, and sped off.

Guess he's wanted in Tehran or Islamabad. Seemed a nice guy though.


♥ Braja said...

Ah, Uncle, now I know who you are :)))

Uncle 2012 said...

I was alot prettier as a lad.

poetreader said...

But, if one HAS to be a grown man, rather than a boy, you've made rather a good job of it. Some coots are better looking than others. I think you are the former, while I'm the latter.