Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I must say that this new Great Depression we're swimming around in has done one good thing. You can now get larger portions of slop for less. Tasty "slop",..with sauce.

There was even some leftovers to take with me!

I was looking at photos of the last Great Depression. If one looks carefully you'll see shops in the backround offering big meals for pennies. I'm glad this tradition seems to be coming back.

Paying $20. at a deli for a sandwich, and a coke is now out of the question, and I'm glad shop keepers finally realize this. "Harry's" above, squats in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

Old "Harry's" was an upscale eatery, but now has become 'reasonable' to stay in business. Smart move guys. Pastrami for the masses!

Btw, not really sure what was in tonight's slop, but it was good!

Sorry about the blurred snap shots I was hung over from the grease.


Zaek said...

Aren't these last couple of posts reruns from a while back?

I saved your photo of the Empire State Building: very atmospheric. I'm expecting King Kong to show up any moment with Fay Wray in hand, or possibly Charles Guislain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I wanted the new folks to see some of the static I've done. I'm showing off my crappy stuff.

Also yeah that Empire shot was from when I was homeless last year.

Boy, what a figg'n barrel of yucks that was!

Btw how are ya?

Love'n dry socks,


Zaek said...

As it happens I'm feeling very under rested. As mentioned elsewhere I live under a major flight path. Also, I have a neighbor from hell. Two of them, actually.

I'd forgotten the Empire shot was from the homeless period. Otherwise I wouldn't have kidded about it. Definitely not a funny episode.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hey it's cool all that is fading away.