Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Hark the Herald...."

Well there I was in the elevator of the Empire State Building headed for the 86th floor. That's where the transmitter offices for most of the New York radio stations are. 'And where I still have a job,..just.

Anyway somewhere between the 22nd, and 40th floors, I wasn't paying attention. I was thinking about jumping off the Manhattan Bridge. However I snapped out of 'that' fast!


The East River is full of the nasty things.

Right, so I decides to emulate George Bailey from "It's a Wonderful Life" by jumping into the backed up toilet of what passes for our river. '...and I'm eaten alive by mutant eels on the way down.

On second thought I think I'll stick around.

Which brings us back to the elevator. So there I am with images of being ripped to bloody shreds by red eyed demon eels. This as I plunge into the murky depths of our common crapper.

When suddenly The Angel Gabriel speaks to me!

Well I don't know if it was really 'him' or not, and that's not the point. What 'is' the brass ring here is what was said.

get this...


(...ya dummie!)

The last bit there was implied, but just as effective. Shit! Why didn't I think of that. "Yeah why da hell didn't ya!" sez Gabriel.

Okay so now I'm seriously "visualize'n" all sorts of cute stuff for my hopeful future.

Still, this strange new life that has been thrust upon me is a kind of war. One can be hopeful in war. Hopeful, but not stupid. Stupid in the trenches means death.

Stay Tuned.


Uncle Sidney said...

okay it's a creepy post. but i did hear or at least "get" the message.

about a future i mean.

to be honest yeah i have thought about checking out. more than usual actually.

thing is i'm weary. very, very weary.

i'm too damned old to be having this sort of adventure so yeah i'd like to take my leave

'paid my dues, and all that.

well lets see what comes next. who knows it might interest me in staying

fuck them eels! they always ruin my fun!

and nooo this ain't one of the cries for help like on them annoying anti suicide sites.

boy i'll bet those backfire alot. who da hell writes for them things?!

a few minutes on one of them, and anyone would wanna jump out'a window.

aw baloney.

all i need is a good night sleep. so let me give that a try.

see ya later.

Uncle Sidney said...

btw, if santa calls take a message.

Mike S said...

I've had those moments too.. Sure is an easy way out of things. I agree on the eels.. If you head north, jump into Lake Champlain, maybe, just maybe, Champ will eat you?

That way, you'll be famous. First man to be eaten by a lake monster, instead of just another poor shmuck jumping off a NYC bridge.

Cheer the fuck up Sid!!!!