Monday, December 1, 2008

"Star Trek 11"

I just spent some time watching "Star Trek" clips on youtube with dear pals. Yeah at 4:30 in the morning,...doesn't everybody. Anyway I was getting ready to kill myself, a way. That or blow up that stupid radio station I wasted my life at.

However swell company, and this old series cheered me up, and kept me on duty. Show business how I love it. I should have been a shoe salesman.

Anyway here's some trailers for the new Trek film coming out in the summer. It was supposed to come out now, but the suits held it back to make more dough in the summer rush. Greedy bastards.

Say maybe Obama could make a cameo appearance as himself in a history vid. Yeah you're right, cheesey.


fanofgrendel said...

Thanks. I've been a Trek fan since I watched its premiere on NBC in the 60's. I prefer the original cast to all the other incarnations and definetly the design of the original Enterprise. I went to the theater to see all the movies up to and including Star Trek 6. The exception was Star Trek 5 which was an abomination. I'm glad I didn't waste my money on that thing.
The trailers you provided look very promising to me.

Maybe you can guide me where to look to learn more about your relationship to your radio station in your blog history. I'd like to know a bit more so I can understand why it bugs you so much these days. I did watch a video you did at the station on your You-Tube channel. It was one with an assist by Leonardo da Vinci and was hilarious.

Uncle Sidney said...

Aw bleep that station. It's just where I work. It broke my heart too.

that's life.

As for Trek. I've loved it since that first night I saw it. First show, first night, I was there.

I'm a fan through, and through.

'Course except for "Khan" every last one of the Trek films stunk, and continue to stink.

Age has not helped.

Well maybe "First Contact", and the one about the Whales we're B+.

But com'on only 'one' gold, and 'two' silver after 30 years of films?!

Anyway this next one 'might' be the "charmer" that breaks this dreary cycle,...we'll see.