Friday, December 26, 2008

"Anna Brahm's Dolls"

I've never seen dolls quite like Anna's.

Holocaust dolls.

I never imagined such could be made. One just sits, and meditates in the presence of these creations.

Of all dolls 'these' may need the most loving.

The overwhelming contradiction of "dollhood" with the unimaginable idea of deliberate extermination of the innocent leaves one,...what?

Spiritually stunned, a deer in Satan's headlights?

Yeah, trite hand wringing crap, but what the hell else can I say?

No more words.

...i need to sleep now.


Bodmin said...

Does she also do dolls of burned and maimed Palestinian children after an Israeli air strike?
Just asking. I think I know the answer.

Uncle Sidney said...

If not she ought to.

To the kids themselves I don't think they care who is or was actually betraying, enslaving, bombing, shooting, hanging or stabbing them.

The frigg'n Nazi's, the IDF, the Islamic Religious Police, Mugabe's bully boys, Inner City Cops, assorted landlords, bankers, and or media liars...take ya pick.

Fuck'em all to hell.

I imagine youngsters on the business end of these characters just want the evil shit to stop.

Uncle Sidney said...

...then again does Anna do dolls of Israeli folks blown to jelly after one of them heroic Hamas rocket attacks.

Yeah those are always a good idea.

You'll note how that noise always brings the IDF to the peace table.

Boy that doll making gal has her work cut out for her.

poetreader said...

Christmas Ham and a Kosher Barbecue

Christmas ham
and a kosher barbecue
peace on earth,
ill will toward men
'tis the season to be jolly
mistletoe and lots of holly
but to trust in men is folly -
hold my holocaust dolly,
look into its piercing eyes
imagine hearing hopeless cries,
tremble while a culture dies,
and weep
and mourn
for those who die,
for those who kill,
for those whose actions show so ill,
and for us all, who, though less blatant,
harbor inside great evils latent,
sufficient to cause that Babe in a manger
to walk with his people but always a stranger,
for them he died,
and, as the ovens testified,
a stranger still, hardly heeded,
and His mercy still so needed,
as the kosher smoke still rises.

-----------ed pacht