Thursday, December 18, 2008

"I want a Cat"

Whenever or wherever I finally come to rest besides planting a garden. Wherever I end up I plan to adopt a cat. (...I think.) A low maintenance mammal to keep me company sounds just the tonic.

All one has to do is keep the food, and water bowls full. The cat box clean, and leave the keys to the house, and car within cat reach. Do this, and we'll get along just fine.

(Btw the above book "Catwings" is swell. It's worth looking for.)


Anonymous said...

I wholehearedly, on the advice of my two cats, second your idea to adopt at least one, possibly more, cats.

Just don't own a cat. The car owns you.

Mr. Chips
(Property of Peppercorn and Chicklet)

Uncle Sidney said...

Size Matters!

Size of your house or apartment that is.

I think it's cruel to keep a mamal that likes to run in a small place.

This will make them nuts. They'll just sit around eating, and watching tv, us.

So my mutual adoption plan will depend on what sort of hovel I finally get.

The bigger the better.

Cats need alot of space for leaping around in. Me a couch, and new HDTV, and cable will do.

Well an account with a half decent Thai place is cool too,..if they deliver that is.