Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"It's my Blog'n I'll whine if I want to"

Dammit! My feet are killing me. One of the legacies of my time living on the streets is aching feet. As I mentioned one has to keep moving while out there.

You can get killed by bad guys or put in the "System" by the cops. That means you can get arrested if you encamp or just try to rest.


I always knew that we treated the very poor with official thoughtless cruelty. Only now I've lived it. Yeah I'm whining so frigg'n what! My damned feet are in agony gimme a break.

Other than that, and assorted terrifying nightmares,...

I just had one where I'm in a long grey cold hallway, and being followed by a lion, bear, dragon beast/thing. Long black claws clacking on the floor, big neon green/yellow predator eyes. wasn't smile'n neither.

It followed, pacing me. Deciding when or if to shred, and or eat me,...merry Christmas.

It's going to take a long time to get over this current mayhem. I've told friends that when I get my new place, and I will, I'm going to lock the door, and not come out for a long time.

A very long time.


Fida said...

I apologize for laughing – but it’s your fault, you are darn funny, even in pain! Hope you get your place soon!

Uncle Sidney said...

Yeah I'd knock'em dead in Folsom!

That's okay I was born to annoy, and or entertain. If this were 1948 I'd be writing for Sid Cesar!

...and not getting any credit.

Happy Trails, and Happy New Year to you'n all!

Bless ya Heart!

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Anonymous said...

hm. strange thread.

Anonymous said...

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