Saturday, December 6, 2008

"There's a New Day 'a Com'in!"

Christmas! Family, friends, celebrations, presents, love, fellowship.

Well very few I know is getting or has any of that swell stuff 'this' year. We're on our own as always on the appointed day of our Lawds birth.

In fact a number of comrads I know have been downsized, laid off, fired, or otherwise tossed out into the street,...figuratively, and literally for the holidaze.

Yep this is the worst christmas since the Great Depression. I just heard on the radio that fired workers are occupying their factory somewhere in the midwest to get their last payroll which the boss's there decided not to give them.

Seems they split with the dough after they closed the shop.

" Tiny Tim observed,..G-d Bless us Every One."

Closer to home 'whole' departments have vanished at my work place. Rumors of more carnage to come as well.

Though we're busted, and screwed there's still electric trains. That middle class talisman of holiday normalcy that some of us cling to like the last ticket to the last life boat.

I was given a gift of an electric train set.


This has indeed brought unexpected glee to an otherwise gloomy season. Although I have nowhere to set it up,...being temporarily homeless. Yep, Hard Times.

Nevertheless I hold this gift close to my aged heart.

As soon as I gets my new house,...perhaps next week, I'll set it up, and take snaps. Till then here's some sweet 'tube video shots for ya's.


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