Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Scary Christmas"

Hi gang, well I'm currently temporarily living in the shadow of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. In upper Manhattan. I love the old place. They just reopened it after that awful fire a few years back.

Cathedrals are forever. Forever being built, and forever catching fire, collapsing, and being raided by vandals. St. Johns is no different. There have been a few fires, both large, and small. Though no serious collapse so far.

However our latest vandals are the real estate speculators that are destroying the neighborhood with upscale steel, and concrete.

Like I said to a pal here. The Cathedral isn't worried. Like the the ones in Europe they'd say, "...let them do what they want." "In a hundred years they'll be gone, and we'll still be here."

...and they are, and our's will be.

So indeed let the vandals revel in their boring noise. The Cathedral's Holy Stones will continue to be placed one on top of the other. Remind me to come back in the 27th century for the Grand Opening of the joint.

Above are some scary gargoyle smiling down at passers by. Many of the apartment houses in the area have a medieval touch about them. This influenced by our Cathedral.

I'll post some snaps of St. John's in a day or so. If or when it ever stops raining/slushing.

Stay Tuned.

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