Monday, December 29, 2008

"Be it ever so Tiny"

What with everything going or already gone to hell I'm thinking of Home. Home that wondrous thing we all want. Either to have for the first time or to get back to for comfort, and refuge.

My Home, my old family place is gone. Now to build a new one. My adventure in semi-homelessness continues but with all sorts of hope, and miracles showing up.

Mind you the mayhem tracks along side by side with the hope. I still have terrors, doubts, and despairs aplenty. Even as I write anxiety eats at my soul like molecular acid. Nasty stuff that.

'Bleep'em if they can't take a joke.

My home is coming, my one act, one person play about this adventure is also coming along. I convinced one of my musician pal to do the music.

Years ago he was on tour in the U.K. when the company's dough ran out. So he ended up busted, and broke in London. He told me the story of living for a few daze in Victoria Station till cash got wired to him.

So yeah he gets it.

Anyway, home, my new sweet, cute little home is coming.

Btw, you're all invited to the party.

Below Posts are meditations on doors.

...but first this important message from Dorothy Gale.

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