Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Holy Crap it's Cold!"

"Not a night fit for woman, man nor beast!"

You can say that again. It's a sloppy, frozen, nasty night out there comrads. A decade of warm winters thanks to corporate industry induced planetary heating has make us New Yorkers soft.

We just ain't ready for all that Arctic jazz barreling down from the pole.

Hey we ain't got not big mountains to block that stuff like out west. It wide open from here to the arctic circle. Everybody in Canada is hunkered down while the Hawk cuts through their country on it's way down to freeze our Brooklyn butts off.

I was out tonight,..mistake. Thank the G-ddess that I have lodging for now. If I were still on the street I don't know if I'd make though this frosty zephyr. "Zephyr" I likes that word. It don't get used often enuff.

Anyway like I say stay inside if you're in the neighborhood. We've got a -4f wind chill, I have no idea what that is .c, but you get my drift.

Damn! I usually like the cool, and cold weather.

...but this stuff is over the top.

Btw it's supposed to snow again so watch out for black ice, and other the happy land mines that winter likes to lay on us.

I'm thinking of signing on with the rust bucket above. I stumbled across it tonight on the East Side.

Swell tub huh?

I can't swim, but I can cook. I figure we blow this demented town, and make for the south seas.

A warm place to hang our hats.

Perhaps we can find a former French colony that 'isn't' having a genocidal civil war. Ya never know there 'might' be one.



Leon Basin said...

I love the cold.. I hate it when it's sunny.

Uncle Sidney said...

Me too. I dread the humidity. That's the worst part of late spring, and summer around here.


On the other hand four below Zero ain't no sex, and boozed drenched picnic either.

Merry Christmas Leon.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have any old fashioned winters around they have in Bermuda???

Mr. Chips