Sunday, January 2, 2011

"The Pacific States of America"

I rather like both the anthem, and flag of the P.S.A. A new nation among several that are born out of the coming Second American Civil War. The three stars represent California, Oregon, and Washington. The member states of the new republic.

Apparently New England, and New York State get annexed by Canada in these upcoming troubles,..just as well.

'Guess I'll have to learn to like hockey.

Anyway from rational historians to assorted conspiracy nuts folks are having wet dreams about the fall of the American Empire. The Tea Party prays for secession, and burning Washington. Something about socialized medical care, gay marriage, and not wanting a Black President.

They'd rather the country were destroyed in a civil war than have these things.

This reminds me of when the New York City borough of Staten Island tried to leave, and join New Jersey when David Dinkins, the first Black mayor, was elected nearly 20 years ago.

Apparently we scare the hell out of some people.

Me I just want regular cost of living increases in my pay, and free cable. Well okay a few other things too, but ya know. Anyhow I like Canada, and will have no problem sitting or is it standing through the Queen's Christmas message. "Oh Can-na-da!"


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the CSA (christian states of america)

"According to one book, it all started when United States of America got itself that Moslem, god hating, socialist (whatever that is), nigra president, then went downhill from there. He came over from Africa and caused nothing but trouble for good Christian folks down south in the Christian states. There was other presidents later, even some good ones, but the Christians and the Yankees just kept fighting each other until finally the Christians said, "We'd better just make our own country," and the Yankees said, "Well, who needs you? Just go."

Then the west coast states decided they could do better on their own too because, according to them, the rest of the country had something called "bad karma," which as best I could understand is kind of like brain cooties, and a bunch of the states in the middle -- what we call the Big Empty -- said they could do just fine with no government at all. Now it's all feuding warlords in those plains and deserts, but people say those Mormons are getting themselves an empire started, and we real Christians just may have to war on them one of these days."

p&p from a story on nifty.

Is this the latest bogeyman you're scarring each other with ?

In the face of globalisation, most of it driven by you, and the imminent relegation of your empire to second behind the Chinese, that's it ?

Independence looks like such a good idea now, dooesn't it ?

Uncle 2012 said...

Yes, yes that's all very well, but more importantly do I sit or stand for the Queen's or by then the King's speech.

I needs to get that right.

Zaek said...

These are all real possibilities with dire potential consequences, some much worse than the political breakup of the United States. The really scary spectre haunting the landscape is that of looming economic ruin. The ghost of Christmas past it ain't. BTW, does anyone here think the E.U. has brighter prospects, what with one national economy after another hitting the rocks? Even the slow boat to China is heading for the shoals.

The Northeast taken into the Canadian fold? Best thing that could happen to them. I'm afraid if the Pacific west breaks away, Mexico will swallow California. Not that I'd mind learning Spanish.

Impending catastrophe notwithstanding, US independence hasn't been seriously contested since 1812. Most of the world has, um, moved on since then.

Anonymous said...

I think things are up for grabs like they were in 1960's.

Well they were till the major changers both actual, and potential were discredited or shot.

That's how the status quo protected itself then.

That won't happen again because this time around the changers aren't individuals.

The changer is history.

History as we know too well is like a glacier. Yes it's slow, but it's also unstoppable.

This time the "changers" are events. Long term worldwide events that are coming to fruit.

Scary as it may be to to hang around I wish I were 20.

I wish I was a young man so I could be part of the world changing events that are just starting to unfold.

As it is I may just catch the overture, and perhaps the first act.

Youngsters today are both cursed, and fortunate be here now.

They, and their children will either make a new, and sustainable biosphere or be the last of our kind.