Sunday, January 30, 2011


I still want to hibernate till spring. However I have so much to do. I have a month's worth of laundry backed up. What with the streets, and sidewalks literally knee deep in snow, and slush I can't get my shopping/laundry trolley to roll anywhere in that gooey mess.

If this is how winters are going to be I need to get something like they have in Alaska, and northern Canada. Basically it's a regular shopping trolley, but with skis attached.

They use this up there to move their little kids, and assorted stuff around. Maybe I should look that up online, and get a unit.

Lets see. I have 100lbs of stinky laundry, no food, two windows that need fixing. A returned mysterious leak in the bathroom, no places for guests to sit, no cable, and I still need to get that new coat to go with the new suit for that wedding that keeps getting pushed back. ...and I have to get a flu shot, and go back to the dentist.

Normal routine problems which btw I'm 'grateful' to have.

(I can tell you from experience this on the left ain't fun,..not even a little.)

I am grateful for my life, and all it's stupid problems. I'm grateful for all my pals that want me to quit whining, and get on with it. I'm grateful for my dear sister, and all my close pals that are keeping me alive whether I like it or not.

Btw I also need to get curtains, blinds, some sort of something for folks to crash onto when they come by. That, and another chest for my stuff. I even have a nice gift $card$ from Ikea.

Maybe I'll finally use it now that I feel safe, and secure enough about my new home.

I'm an emotional, and even cranky bastard, sorry, but I think this year may be a good one. I actually want to do things. I may be recovering from all the traumas of these past nearly five years.

High time too.

I'm as tired of living this noise as you are hearing about it.

Holy crap it's snowing again! I just looked out the window, and they're at it again. Oh wow. Okay I'm ordering that shopping ski trolley thing now!

Oh yeah I just remembered to tell you. I mapped out a tourist at home plan. A pal of mine used to do a show by that name.

"The Tourist at Home" It was a cool literary sort of thing.

These are folks from the Cartoon parallel universe visiting town. Btw, never call them "Toons". It's like the "N" word to them.

Anyway I'm going to pretend I'm from Phnom Penh or Northumberland, and act accordingly. Which is to say I'll actually look up at the tall buildings, and down at the steam coming out of the streets instead of ignoring them. That, and go on all the tourist stuff the City has.

It's one thing to live in a world capital. It's another to actually 'look' at it. Might be fun. Though I may have to learn Cambodian or English English to pass. I'll take snaps, and post them here when I do this.

Stay Tuned.

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Cannibal said...

Until last night I had you beat on the laundry mountain by an additional 15 days, as I sort of froze up around December 15th due to holiday malaise. I'd suggest you start ordering overpriced groceries to your door from either Peapod (stop and shop) or Fresh Direct. Then there's always Johnny Cash's suggestions to "put on my cleanest dirty shirt" and meet the day. Disappointed there's no Game Day party at your house because all I wanted was to get a peek at that woman Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.