Monday, January 3, 2011

"The Shape of Things to Come"

No one knows how these times will shake out. Who will still be around, and dancing after the smoke, and dust clears. One can only hope that our better Angels our good, and rational selves will come to the 'fore.

That is as not only individuals, but as whole nations, cultures.

We're in a life boat comrades, and a storm is brewing. Economists, and historians say that events are now unstoppable. As unstoppable as the climate change we more, and more perceive all around us.

Except for the more fearful, and provincial portions of American culture the world knows serious shit's coming up, and we better do something. Just what how, and when is the bottle neck.

I suggest moving to high ground as a start.

As I said in the comments section to the below post. We are truly entering an exciting, terrifying, and hopeful era. The next half century will decide the next millennium. Would that I could be here for the show. Best I can do is encourage the kids, and leave the least amount of trash behind me as I can.

Btw speaking of new nations established during these events to come. See the Pacific States of America post below. I found this flag, and anthem of a British Anarchist Republic.


Might work if they shit-can the authoritarian tendencies of the left. That, and kept the humanist, generous, free associative parts. Heck I might go visit.

'Love the tune! Commies was always good at songs,..remember Spain 1936.


Bodmin said...

"Today it is easier to imagine the end of the world than an end to market capitalism."
Slavoj Zizek (Europe's hottest philosopher)

Uncle 2012 said...

Problem is predatory capitalism is still the most effective system for making a small number of evil bastards rich.

Until something better comes along the plutocracy has to make do.

Zaek said...

I think us old guys are the lucky ones. We experienced the height of the industrial age, which no young person has nor will again. Everyone's conditioned to think we're heading for a George Jetson future with iPods. A nasty surprise awaits.