Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Crime, and Punishment"

It's really easy to end up in prison these days. Well prison or 72 hours in the local system as the heat calls it. All you have to do is not have the proper identification, and or tell the cop to stop harassing you.

That's two criminal counts right there that can get you 90 days if the judge is an asshole.

(Above is one of the African American ethnic Flags.)

In the context of the uniquely American "Culture of Incarceration" this is routine. How many Millions are in our Gulags?

Anyway I was in town listening to a speech by some commie nutjob where he was excusing violent criminals, opposed to you, and me who might get caught up in the system. He was excusing in particular Black men that are sent to prisons for violent crimes. Apparently they're political prisoners.

...keep your shorts on, hear me out.

Btw this is why I can't stand white Liberals or most white progressives. 100 years ago they excused our behavior that is the behavior of Negros by saying that we were like children so society should be patient with us.

Good grief.

Now they excuse the violence of our criminal class by calling them "political prisoners". Ways of life they'd 'never' tolerate among themselves is swell for us,...thanks.

In case you don't get it I'm Negro or whatever we're calling ourselves this week. I was raised poor/working class in a big city. Guess what, none of my family or friends ever went to prison or committed violent crimes.

Amazing, but true.

The people in this picture from the National Family Archives are very like the folks I grew up with. This even looks like one of my family snapshots. ..nice cake!

Like 99% of Black folks we just went to school, and or work, and tried to make lives for ourselves. You never see us on tv. We're not as interesting as deranged crackheads or mothers that put their babies into ovens.

Back to that speech,...I called out to my dear comrade on the stage in answer to his question,..."How can we keep Black men from going to prison?".

I yelled,..."Tell'em to stop committing crimes!"

As you can imagine this threw the bacon into the fire. There's a whole ideology in this country that sez that oppressed folks are not responsible for their personal actions. Basically your tough life and the heritage of slavery absolves you of any obligation to obey the law or respect other people.

I wish I was kidding.

There's this lady by name of Joy Leary a popular motivational speaker in political circles, and I'm sad to say even in mainstream Black media that sez we're all suffering from "Post Slavery Traumatic Shock"

Interesting concept, and I'd even buy some of it if she didn't then use it to exonerate the lot of us from any civil responsibilities. obeying the law.

Oh my.

We are in such a mess. A nightmare based in generations of persecution, and economic privation. Hundreds of thousands of young Black guys are being sucked up by the vast American prison system, and we're out here saying in effect that's swell.

That's fine because they 'had' to commit all those crimes. They even have a term for this insanity,.."Crimes of Survival".

Seems we have no choice, but to commit violent crimes. Funny I don't remember my Dad doing anything like that. None of my uncles neither,...even uncle you know who. Ya know the one none of us ever saw sober.

Yeah poverty, and crime are bed-mates. However I think this is the first time any political movement said that was a good thing or at least an acceptable thing.

Already this is giving me a headache. What would Dr. M.L.King say to this madness. That jerk on the stage also mentioned that drug abuse was also "understandable". Btw this is the major road to prison for young Blacks.

Yeah, yeah like they tell me I'm "incorrect" because my analysis is poisoned by middle class values. Ya know like not beating up an old lady for her welfare check so you can take the dough to get high.

Is it too late to sign up for that Mars colony thing, and leave this bizarre world behind. It's no wonder that so many rational Blacks have given up on that Black is wonderful or beautiful stuff, because it ain't,...yet.

Here's the deal. The big secret.

Negros are just folks. We're just people trying to live decent lives. That, and we really wish the skin-head nazi's, republicans, and well meaning commies would just go away, and leave us alone.

The End.

PS, If that "Slave Reparations" thing ever come around,..a big deal in black racist circles, anyway if the Feds decide to pay up for all that free labor, and suffering. I want my cut in real estate. 'Far as I know they ain't making anymore land. So as I see it I stand to make out pretty good with a few thousand acres,...of my choosing.

I'd also like a hand made, sky blue, 1929 Bugatti. That, and free petrol, and servicing for life. Throw in some tax free bonds, 50 million bucks worth sounds good, and we have a deal.

Till then it's back to work.

Stay Tuned.

But enuff of all this dreary static! Lets eat CREAM PUFFS!!


Zaek said...

I'm so glad you don't have that Eldridge Cleaver/Angela Davis attitude about race, and that you acknowledge there's such a thing as black racism.

I grew up partly in a liberal college town wherein is located a certain radio station that I'm sure you're familiar with. The political culture of the town embraces the fiction that black people can't be racist, only white people can. At age nine I was sent to a school there with forced integration where most of the kids were black and whites and asians were a small minority. It was a traumatic experience. I was met with such friendly greetings as "Hey little honkey white boy, ah'm gonna kick yo ass!" and various incidents of vicious cruelty. Racial hatred accompanied by the threat of violence was constantly in the air.

Many years later I met a young white woman who had been to the same school about ten years after me. She'd had precisely the same experience. So it may not have changed much even to this day.

I was raised by a nice liberal family who taught me that racism is inherently evil, and that's what I believe. But the notion that only people of a certain color can be racist and others can't is itself a racialist notion, a belief in the inherent virtue of people who belong to the right ethnicity. Screw that!

So I totally agree with your views about reparations. Nothing would be better calculated to revive white racism than the resentments this would stimulate, especially at a time of economic decline.

But, umm... if you do get your land, can I have half an acre to build my yurt on and raise veggies? It'd be a nice way to spend my remaining years while painting.

Uncle 2012 said...

No problem. You can have as many acres as ya wants. I figured I'd set up a windmill, and live gleefully off the grid till the cows come home.

Cows,..humm, maybe I should ask for a few of them too, and maybe a zebra or two as well.

Hey if them dummies wanna hand it over I'm grabbing.

I'll tell'em you're a light skinned cousin, and you can get some of the goodies too.

That p.c. noise that only whites an be assholes or racist is a fiction made popular by race nationalist loonies back in the 1970's somewhere.

Well okay I was a Cleaver/Davis/Che fan back in the late 60's, and early 70's.

But then I also liked the "Cowsills". I wore platform shoes, and theM shirts with the long pointy collars.

The 1970's was an era of particularly bad taste in everything.

As for national brotherhood week, that song from "Avenue Q" sez,.."Everybody's a little bit Racist.

Proud of it too!

Zaek said...

For a hobby I will also devote myself to baking cream puffs and pumpkin pie in my solar oven.