Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Another Blizzard"

January is all set to be the snowiest month in decades. At least for Emerald City, and the I-90 D.C. to Boston corridor. Yikes! Be careful what you wish for gang. We went near a decade with very warm winters.

Even a few with no snow at all.

We have made up for this. The Northeast has been getting hit with heavy snow, sleet or rain about once a week since Christmas. Did I mention temps hitting 10f, and below regularly.

Yesterday we had yet another blizzard. Tomorrow a few more inches, and they're telling us another blow-out next week.

This time I didn't go out into the teeth of the storm. I watched from my rear window, and fire-escape. Brooklyn is mostly piles of 19th, and early 20th century bricks, and bad plumbing.

Still how I love her!

These snaps are of the assorted back yards of my 'Hood.

You're seeing the yards of a Jewish Orthodox kindergarten, a Haitian deli, a retired cop, the new Gay couple that bought the house in the middle there, and my fire-escape.


Mr. Mouse, you may recall him from his editorial about the state of the Republic a few weeks ago. Anyway Mouse reports, and comments on our recent weather. He also orders lunch.

(The Sydneyland Snow Mouse.)

Mr. Mouse orders Chinese takeout.

Deleted Scenes.


Zaek said...

It's good to see you posting again Sidney. I was beginning to worry you'd wandered off to the Bowery or the Battery and disappeared like Ambrose Bierce. Looks like you're getting enough snow in one month to decorate a decade's worth of Christmas cards.

Uncle 2012 said...

Disappearing is tempting,..very tempting. I wonder why I'm still here with so many loved ones gone. I wonder if my broadcast work matters anymore.

That, and my other creative endeavors seem so silly. Pointless. I'm tired it it all. I'm tired of things as they are.

Still I'm curious about life, and the world so here I still am.

Thanks for being there Zaek. You, and all the comrades out there.

Though I wonder what the readers that come by from Oman make of my silly life.

Zaek said...

Your creative endeavors are not silly! They aspire to the same ideals as those of Ralph Chubb.

The peeps from Oman probably wonder what snow is like - unless they've been to that place in Dubai with indoor ski slopes.