Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm always sleepy,..I think. All I do is work, and sleep. It's probably the lack of sunshine. It's having an effect like it does with bears, and lady bugs. I want to go to sleep till April, actually May sounds about right.

Then I wanna go to the beach, eat ice cream, and fantasize about naked people.

Oh how I miss hanging out to cute naked people of various genders, orientations, and more or less legal ages. Ah the 1980's a time of gleeful sensual mayhem. Everyone has a fun weird time in their lives the 80's were mine.

My family, and pals were still breathing, and I was in love,..imagine.

Blondie, and Michale Jackson was on the boom-box, interesting chemicals were up my nose, and, you gets the idea. "Always winter never Christmas." Yeah that C.S. Lewis had a way with words.

Oh that 80's Queer Bar music! These are my two favs.


Cannibal said...

Ah, there were 3 sets of siren women who could be depended upon to reside on my cassette deck in the early 80's - Chrissie Hynde (strange that practically none of the other original "Pretenders" are still breathing), those mop-tops of the "Go-Go's" and Deborah Ann Harry. On a purely heterosexual level Ms. Harry and had this strange crossover quality - she'd been a Playboy pinup to oggle at, and she and her band held all you gay boys in rapt fascination.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Pussycat-

Please give us a call this week. We misses ya something dreadful. Anytime is fine!

XO, Pickles & RPaul

Cannibal said...

I am respectfully inquiring whether your palatial digs are available for a Super Bowl Party Sunday February 6th? I'll bring some of that delish roasted chicken from Pollos A La Brasa Mario in Astoria. Ask Sir Max and his fair lady whether they'd like to come as well. Does Pickles make a mean potato salad? Your TV is better than mine, bub. As long as I get to see the halftime show, I'm fine.

Uncle 2012 said...

I always though "Blondie" was an exclusively Queer mania.

Turns out she had, and apparently still has the power to cloud minds.

Not unlike a certain "Shadow".

What a gal,..what a time!

Uncle 2012 said...

Well yeah I have a cool tv, 32inches of HD digital bliss. Now if there was only something worth watching.

Actually I'm not much of a football fan, and our dear Nurse P. is Canadian so "football" means something altogether different to her.

As for the potato salad,..there's a thought. I'll ask.

Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Pickles it was swell seeing you guys the other day. We got to Dr. Jeff just ahead of the Blizzard!

Who knew?!

Now they're saying we're getting yet another,..good grief. I'm okay btw despite that scary cut-off by T-Mobile.

I forgot to recharge my phone. Anyway see you guys next week.

Much Love!!!!