Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Fun with my Stuff"

I put a tiny toy battle ship,..don't ask, anyway I put the thing in a bowl. I left it on my window sill last night. It went down to 11 degrees f. with a screaming wind. Anyway this is what it looked like in about an hour.

Frozen solid.

I poured water on my sill as well to see it freeze on contact. It did. Ain't nature grand. We had a heatwave at sun up. It must have got up to 25f. or more. I had to put the air conditioner on.

These are some ww2 guys driving their K├╝belwagen, German Jeep, on top of my snow bound rear window sill yesterday. Clearly I had too much time on my hands.

I had nothing to do so I was playing with my toys, and the weather. No I have not really grown up. I suspect that very few of us have. Also like most others I've gone into intellectual hibernation. Too much crap going down, and it's always snowing or sleeting.

I think we all need at least three 80 degree days,...No Humidity!!, that, and a bar-b-q, and a day at the beach. This would recharge our collective unconscious pretty good. See you at the beach.


Zaek said...

It's symbolic: American empire freezes in place.

Apartments in that climate oughta have storm windows. You'd save a lot in heat. Even here in Shangri LaLaLand they're handy.

Bodmin said...

Kubelwagens in the snow! Let's all go to the Eastern Front! Stalingrad awaits you!

Zaek said...

May victory greet you there comrade! I'll keep the home fires burning.

Uncle 2012 said...


I dunno guys I hear them Reds has a bad attitude. Maybe we should give this one a miss,..especially in winter.