Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Harry Railroaded!"

Hi gang. I've been sleeping, and or rolling on the floor in agony for a week now. I had another dental emergency. Dammit I should just have them pull'em all out.


It hurt! Dear Nurse Pickles took me to Dr. Jeff our mutual dentist. He made everything better. Oh my what a day. Rev. Martin, and Nurse P. are my best pals. They have this idea that they want to keep me alive. ...imagine.

Odd thing is I'm still sleepy.

Maybe it's a stealth flu. I'm starting to have more overt symptoms. Cold sweats, aches, mild nausea dizziness the works. I have to go back to the dentist too. What I want is what I said in my last post a week ago.

Sleep till May.

Btw that's my Harry Potter,tm, electric train set there. I got it just before I lost my last house. I packed it away for the day I would have a new homey home. Well this March is my third anniversary at the new digs.

Wow, times flies when you're paying rent.

Anyway I finally unpacked the set,..nearly four years after I foolishly bought it. Alright if was an internet impulse purchase. Aw com'on who hasn't done this. Besides I didn't know I was going to be suddenly homeless back them!

Although maybe I should have.

Anyhow my current homey home is actually too small to set the whole thing up. ..well the dining room table is too small. It's "O" Gage, which is pretty big, as opposed to all them HO trains I set up just after I moved in.

Speaking of Home.

I'm finally feeling secure enough to start decorating. I've left things plain, and empty all this time. I had this fear I'd be on the streets again. I nolonger think that'll happen again so I might as well get comfy.

Now,..where can I get a stuffed moose head with a digital clock in it's mouth?

Humm, maybe if I tunnel into my next door neighbors living room I can set up my trains set there. Think they'd notice? Well it's that or get a dining room table that's three feet longer, and a foot, and a half wider.

Yeah I measured.

Okay I could put it all on the floor. There's plenty of room. However there's the problem of getting me back up again. Some sort of elaborate industrial wrench would be needed. I'm an somewhat aged hippie these daze.

Oh the things we do for our obsessions!


Zaek said...

In a café I once saw a train set that ran on a track around the room, mounted high up on the wall, thus freeing up the floor space. Maybe you could do something like that..?

What I really love about train sets is the scenery that can go with them. If I had a giant play room, it would feature a big wading pool set with castled islands and tiny wooden sailing ships that actually sail, and surrounded with mountains pierced by tunnels and tracks. I'd have a miniature Neuschwanstein castle in the Alps and there'd be an operable Zeppelin flying me and my mini-pals around. Then I'd invite kids to play in my little ocean country.

Uncle 2012 said...

I like your dreams.