Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Cold, Damp, Brooklyn"

"Always Winter, but never Christmas."

I never thought I'd say it, but winter is a pain in the butt. One is always wet, cold, and late for the train. Problem is our other season around here is Heatwave.

On the one hand it's 12f with frozen slush on the other it's 105f with killer humidity. However on the other, "other hand", now that I think about it. We sort of have three or four days of Spring after the last blizzard, and before the first heatwave.

This is 'not' an exaggeration,..ask any Native grunt.

Still like I sez we have three daze of swell weather coming. Something to look forward too. Well that, and the Mermaid's Parade at Coney Island,...this year I'll go as a tuna sandwich!

"Uncle Sydney's Neighborhood", the slightly safer part.

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Zaek said...

I totally agree about Winter. It bites. I *hate* being cold. It isn't anywhere nearly as cold here as in Brooklyn - not even close - but we have these silly houses with no insulation to speak of and if your heater's broken or you're afraid to use it because of asbestos in the vents or whatever, you freeze and get sick. And the gloom depresses me. Screw that!

I love sunshine. Bring it on!