Sunday, January 23, 2011

"From Here to There"

Here's some stuff from the subway. This is what ya use to get to that "Cold Damp Brooklyn" I go on about in the next post. The station pictured below used to smell of sewer gas. It did for decades. Then one happy day as if by magic it was all roses.

I don't know where they exported the interesting smells to I'm just glad they ain't here anymore. Okay our stuff ain't cute like the Moscow tube, but it get's ya where ya wanna go.

"IRT" The Inter-borough Rapid Transit Company was the private operator of the original underground New York City Subway line that opened in 1904.

Indeed when I was a little boy some of that original '04 rolling stock was still in service as work trains for track crews. Passenger cars from the 1920's/30's were still carrying folks in the 50's.

The MTA gets every drop of service out of it equipment!


Josh said...

Stockholm Subway :)

Cannibal said...

It's got to be the biggest depository of NYC Subway photos and data...