Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Arctic Streets"

We had another big snow here in the frozen Emerald City. That, and the temps f. are in the teens for the rest of the week. Well floods in Australia, drought all over Africa, Arctic ice cap actually melting.

It all traces back to the oceans getting warmer. As I've said the oceans are warm the winds have gone nuts, and the worlds weather it's storms have become extreme.

On the up side we can make more snowmen. Thank, and kids get snow days. Not Catholic schools I can tell you from experience.

Volcanoes could sprout every six blocks, and erupt in unison, and they still would not give them poor kids a day off. Catholic, and Orthodox Jewish schools 'never' give days off.

Them maniacs tend to take things seriously. So 20 foot snow drifts or flowing red hot lava is no excuse for not showing up.

Hunker down comrades we'll pull through. ...mostly

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