Friday, December 31, 2010

"Happy New Years!!"

I'm not sure what I'm doing tonight. I may wander the streets or stay home, and watch the gleeful mayhem on tv. I'm supposed to be on the air at 5:00 so I might as well stay up. No parties at least not tonight.

I have a wedding, and a funeral to go to next week. Also some sort of post holiday staff blowout is planned for the proles at my place of semi-employment. So there's stuff to do.

I'm blessed.

I have a home, food, a job, friends, and a sister that cares deeply for me. Well okay I'd like a sweet, tax exempt, real-estate deal. That, and maybe start my own religion, but otherwise I'm cool.

I wish you all well.

'Remember, watch ya damned back this ain't Disneyland ya know!

Stay Tuned.


Zaek said...

'Tis wisdom indeed to count one's blessings, and great good fortune if they number the fingers of an unmaimed hand. Your sister is a good egg. Blessings upon her.

I'll be spending this New Year's in quiet contemplation and cleaning my studio. I've finally gotten around to hanging my mythic watercolors over a bookcase which is to be my Hermetic altar.

Stay warm!

Uncle 2012 said...

Yeah we were always close my sister, and I. I just came across a photo of us when we were kiddies. It was taken in Central Park.

She was about 6, and I was 9.

She's wearing this cute sun bonnet, all the rage for little girls back in the day. I wearing my official "Have Gun will Travel" cowboy hat,..seriously cool.

Other than the hats we're still the same. Pals to the end.

Glad the studio, and Heart are coming together. Sounds like you're healing. This is good to hear. 'Love your art comrade.

Why don't you start an art blog so we can see ya stuff,'s a thought.

Peace, and a happy New Year.

Zaek said...

Art blog? That's a good idea!