Saturday, December 25, 2010

"The People's Mouse"

The following is a short excerpt of a forth coming Village Voice interview conducted by Gore Vidal with Mr. Mouse.

G.V., Mr. Mouse, this is how you wish to be known?

Mr.M., Yes. Although rodents do not use surnames or titles. Mr. Mouse will do for the convenience of humans, and cats.

G.V., ...cats?

G.V., Very well. Mr. Mouse there has been a considerable stir within the Beltway, and indeed throughout the national political realm concerning your recent statements on you-tube, and the obscure eccentric blog Sidneyland.

Mr.M., Um, that's "New Sydneyland, and yes a "stir" was precisely my intent. There was of course nothing new in my statement. Your more thoughtful writers, clergy, and political progressives have been saying this for decades.

G.V., Yes, and being ignored.

Mr.M., Indeed. Which is why I felt if these very rational, and straightforward ideas came from, well what you would call a common mouse. If I or one of my nation came forward perhaps there would finally be some notice.

G.V., Unfortunately this has not entirely been the case. At least not as you intended.

Mr.M., No. The human traditions of gross stupidity, and missing the point has come into full effect. The regrettable "stir" I caused is the panic, and hysteria rippling now throughout your species.

All my appearance has done is inform your kind that rodents are sentient have a complex culture, and advanced technologies. Some more advanced than your own.

Not only that, but we've been observing you, and your mysterious, at least to us, behavior from the beginning.

G.V., The beginning?

Mr.M., Yes, that time 200,000 years ago when the Krell planted your kind on this world.

G.V., I beg your pardon?!!

Mr.M., See. There you go again.

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